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K5108 CNC two-for-one twister and false twister by one-step method

Product description:

Number Number   K5108
1 Spindle number   basic spindle is 128 (multiple of 16)
2 Operation type spindle single face and single layer
3 Range of application   Imitated silk crepe processing of 50D~400D polyester chemical fiber filament
4 Two-for-one twisting spindles Spindle pitch mm 225
5 Maximum speed rpm 8000-13500
6 Twist range   300-3000
7 Direction of twist   S/Z
8 Driving method   tangential belt drive
9 Magentic rotor type false twister False twist range   300-5000
10 Maximum speed rpm 15000
11 Diameter of small rotor mm 3
12 Maximum speed of small rotor rpm 170000
13 Direction of twist   S/Z
14 Driving method of spindle   tangential belt drive
15   Maximum winding capacity Kg 1.8KG
16 Specification of degradation drum mm Φ110*Φ42*270/300
17 Specifications of take-up pipe mm Φ60*170
18 Thread guide traverse mm 0~160
19 Winding angle   adjustable (1~6)
20 Tension control   multi-stage tension bead and double over-feed roll control
21 Power Motor power of two-for-one twisting spindles KW 7.5
22 Motor of false twist spindle KW 4
23 Power of servo motor KW 0.75
24 Electric heating power KW 10 (startup power 16)
26 Hot box Heating method   electric heating
27 Working temperature 180-250
28 Silk length of hot box mm 485
29 Electric cabinet PLC control drive   two-for-one twisting speed\false twisting speed\traverse speed\winding speed\hot box temperature\thread guide traverse
30 3 cun LCD touch display screen   parameter setting\monitoring\alarm\coded lock
31 Work environment requirements   relative humidity≤85%; temperature≤30℃
32 Size mm 20140*800*1800(length*width*height)

Application: The equipment can be used in processing polyester filament yarn.

Structure and performance features:



High degree of computer numerical control

Magnetic rotor false twister with national proprietary technology

High-performance high-speed two-for-one twisting spindle


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